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Sarah I. Avni is a young contemporary (2014) artist from Slovakia who currently resides in Bratislava. She is also focused on artistic photography and interior design in addition to painting.

Career and education[edit]

Sarah Avni received her artistic education at Graphic Art School in Jihlava in the Czech Republic where she studied drawing and painting.[1] She then decided to travel and gain experience abroad, where she collected inspiration during her journeys through Europe and which has since made its way into her artistic work. She returned to Slovakia in 2006 and began to fully focus on painting and photography. Given her positive relationship to travel and the fact that foreign peoples and cultures are an important part of her life that have carried over into her art work, she emphasized these bonds by continuing her education at the University of Central Europe in Skalica (SVK) from which she graduated in 2009 with a degree in International relations and diplomacy.[2]

Artistic composition[edit]

Among other works she is also the author of a Slovak postage stamp to commemorate the World Cup in South Africa which was recognized with a 1st place award in the international STAMP magazine.[3][4] She was involved in the interior design process for the Holiday Inn Hotel in Trnava and completed a series of paintings for the car company KIA.[5] Her works can be found both in Slovakia and abroad as a part of new or expanding collections maintained by a number of collectors and companies. The popular portal The Culture Trip,[6] focused on worldwide travel advice, ranked Sarah Avni in 2015 among the ten most significant Slovak artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Works (collections)[edit]

  • Non sufficit una
  • World's Gardens
  • Animal Instincts
  • Hall of Gems
  • Around the World
  • Viva Aqua
  • Oligarch


  • SPP Gallery, Bratislava 2011[7]
  • Hotel Holiday Inn, Trnava 2011
  • Galerie Harfa, Prague 2011
  • Iscare, Prague 2012
  • Royal Caffe, Prague 2012
  • BMW (Tempus Bavaria), Bratislava 2012
  • Presidential Palace, Bratislava 2012[8]
  • Sushi Roof Eurovea, Bratislava 2013
  • Olympic Casino Eurovea, Bratislava 2013
  • Chateau d'Ax, Bratislava 2013


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