Sarah Doucette

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Sarah Doucette
Mid-rez Sarah Doucette HS.jpg
Sarah Doucette as she appeared in 2010
Toronto City Councillor
Assumed office
December 1, 2010
Preceded by Bill Saundercook
Constituency Ward 13, Parkdale–High Park
Personal details
Born Winchester, United Kingdom
Nationality British, Canadian
Children 2
Occupation Public Administrator

Sarah Doucette is a Canadian politician, who was elected to Toronto City Council in the 2010 city council election, defeating Bill Saundercook in Ward 13, Parkdale–High Park.[1] Doucette was born in Winchester, Hampshire but grew up on the Isle of Wight, in the United Kingdom in the 1960s.[2] Doucette came to Canada in 1980. She and her husband have two children. They have lived in the Swansea neighbourhood of Toronto for fifteen years.[2] Doucette worked at the Swansea Town Hall since 2004 and in 2008, she became executive assistant to the executive director. To run for city council she had to take a leave of absence from her job. The 2010 election race was her first campaign.[3] She was re-elected in 2014.

Doucette comes from a long line of municipal politicians. Both her grandfather and her mother were city councillors and were then elected as mayors: he, in Winchester in 1953, and she in the county of the Isle of Wight, during the 1990s.[2] Doucette supported Peggy Nash in her bid to become leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada.[4][5]

Election results[edit]

2014 Toronto Election, Ward 13
Candidate Votes %
Sarah Doucette 16,202 65.6%
Nick Pavlov 2,628 10.6%
Eugene Melnyk 1,202 4.9%
Taras Kulish 1,145 4.6%
Thomas Dempsey 794 3.2%
Matthew Bielaski 704 2.9%
Alex Perez 679 2.7%
Evan Tummillo 532 2.2%
Rishi Sharma 457 1.9%
Greg Lada 183 0.7%
István Tar 110 0.4%
Bohdan Spas 55 0.2%
Total 24,691 99.9%
2010 Toronto election, Ward 13
Candidate Votes  %
Sarah Doucette 10,100 47.045%
Bill Saundercook 7,893 36.765%
Nick Pavlov 2,109 9.823%
Redmond Weissenberger 1,139 5.305%
Jackelyn Van Altenberg 228 1.062%
Total 21,469 100%

Official results.[6]


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