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Sara J. Zorn was the first woman in the history of the 175-year old Citadel Military College to lead the South Carolina Corps of Cadets as the regimental commander.[1][2] The official ceremony in which Zorn took over the leadership, in which a gilt-handled sword was handed to her from her predecessor, Dillon Graham, took place on May 4, 2018.[2] She has three black belts in karate, and is at the top of her class in physical fitness, with the ability to do 65 pushups in two minutes.[3] Zorn's mother, who served in the Unites States Air Force, died when Zorn was 16 years old.[3] Zorn won a four-year Army scholarship and will serve in the military for at least 5 years after graduation.[2] She is from Warrenville, South Carolina, and majored in Business Administration.[1] She attended Midland Valley High School in Aiken County, and began her studies at the Citadel in 2015.[4]


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