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Sardinia Tomorrow (Sardegna Domani), was a regional centrist political party in Sardinia.

The party, which functioned mainly as a group within the Regional Council of Sardinia, was launched in June 2012 by five regional councillors, most of whom were former members of The People of Freedom (PdL). The group was led by Mario Diana, who had been the floor leader of the PdL until the split, and included Gian Vittorio Campus (ex-PdL), Roberto Capelli (ApI, ex-UDC), Claudia Lombardo (ex-PdL), and Massimo Mulas (UPC, ex-UDS). Amid its formation, the group joined the opposition to the regional government led by Ugo Cappellacci of the PdL.[1][2][3][4][5] The party did not take part to the 2014 regional election and ceased to exist.


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