Saskatoon Electrical System Substation

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Saskatoon Electrical System Substation
General information
Architectural style Modern Classical
Location 619 Main Street
Town or city Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Country Canada
Construction started 1929
Client Saskatoon Light & Power

The Saskatoon Electrical System Substation is a municipal designated historic building located in the Nutana neighborhood of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The property contains a two story building in a Modern Classical style, made of No. 2 Redcliff, Light Claybank and Tee Pee Mocha brick construction. [1] The building was constructed in 1929 by Saskatoon Light & Power along with two other such stations to meet the growing electrical demand of the city; declared a heritage site on December 4, 2000; and renovated into offices in the 1990s the building now houses the offices of the architectural firm of Kindrachuk Agrey Architects.[2]


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Coordinates: 52°07′01″N 106°39′19″W / 52.1170°N 106.6554°W / 52.1170; -106.6554