Saskia De Coster

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Saskia De Coster
Photo of Saskia De Coster
Saskia De Coster, September 2006
Born 1976
Occupation Writer
Language Dutch
Nationality Belgian
Education Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Notable awards Cutting Edge Award

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Saskia De Coster (born 1976) is a Belgian writer. Her work has been published in literary magazines and she also writes screenplays and novels. De Coster has also been cited as an up-and-coming author. [1] Saskia de Coster has published six books as of 19 April 2013[2]


Saskia De Coster was born in 1976. She began writing when she was just two years old.[3] When she was eleven, she won a national story contest and was awarded the title of "Junior Journalist."[4]

Saskia De Coster studied Germanic languages at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, between 1994 and 1998. In 1998, she received a master's degree in literary studies at the same university [5]


De Coster made her debut in 2000, with her first book, called Under Each Other, a collection of dark tales about the disintegration of an unusual family. Under Each Other appeared in the "Nieuw Wereldtijdschrift (NWT)".

In 2002,[citation needed] at the age of 26, Saskia De Coster published her debut novel, Vrije Val (Free Fall).[3] Besides novels, De Coster also writes columns (among other things for the Flemish newspaper De Morgen). She is on the editorial staff of Dietsche Warande en Belfort, a literary magazine.[6] In late 2009, she replaced Aaf Brandt Corstius as a daily columnist for newspaper.[7]

De Coster is also a visual artist.[6] She works with video art, writes for theatre and writes lyrics for musicians such as Daan Stuyven and Dez Mona.[4] Saskia De Coster regularly collaborates with visual artists such as video artist Nicolas Rombouts, artist Eric Joris of CREW (Performance Group) and artist Arne Quinze. Arne Quinze invited the author Saskia De Coster to capture the alienation which his monumental work Rock Strangers (Oostende) exude as well as the intimacy of My Secret Garden (Kunsthal Rotterdam) in contemporary stories and distinctive film footage.

Cover Wij en Ik


  • De Coster has designed the cover of her sixth novel "Wij en ik" herself
  • De Coster started "Project 397". Since her sixth novel "Wij en ik" counts 397 pages, she will read daily one page, every day on a different location. All those clips are posted on her YouTube channel.[8]


On 20 September 2008, Saskia De Coster wrote a letter to a national newspaper, De Standaard, posing as the former chairman of the Boerenbond, a farmer organization. In this letter, she denounces the values and the interests of the organization. An investigation revealed that the mail was sent from the offices of the local Green party.



  • HUMO magazine named her in the top ten best writers under 35[9]
  • Voted one of the ten best writers under 35 by De Groene Amsterdammer magazine
  • Held (Hero) was nominated for the BNG New Literature Prize and won the 2007 Cutting Edge Award for best romance
  • Dit is van mij (This is mine) was on the longlist for the AKO Literatuurprijs en de Gouden Uil


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