Sasural (1984 film)

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Directed by Govind Moonis
Produced by Biswanath Prasad Shahabadi
Story by Govind Moonis
Starring Arun Govil
Bharat Bhushan
Dina Pathak
Arvind Deshpande
Gulshan Grover
Sadhana Singh
Cinematography K. R. Murthy
Edited by V. N. Mayekar
Release date
Country India
Language Hindi

Sasural is a 1984 Hindi movie produced by Biswanath Prasad Shahabadi and directed by Govind Moonis. The film stars Arun Govil, Bharat Bhushan, Arvind Deshpande, Gulshan Grover, Sadhana Singh and Dina Pathak.

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