Sattahip Bay

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Sattahip Bay
US Navy 070618-N-7783B-004 A crew member of the Royal Thai Navy Ship HTMS Similan (187) renders a bugle salute to the guided missile frigate USS Jarrett (FFG 33).jpg
A crew member of the Royal Thai Navy Ship HTMS Similan (187) renders a bugle salute to the guided missile frigate USS Jarrett (FFG-33) in Sattahip Bay.
Sattahip Bay อ่าวสัตหีบ is located in Thailand
Sattahip Bay อ่าวสัตหีบ
Sattahip Bay
Location off the coast of Thailand
Coordinates12°38′45″N 100°54′30″E / 12.64583°N 100.90833°E / 12.64583; 100.90833Coordinates: 12°38′45″N 100°54′30″E / 12.64583°N 100.90833°E / 12.64583; 100.90833
TypeMarine bay
Primary outflowsGulf of Siam
Basin countriesThailand

Sattahip Bay (Thai: อ่าวสัตหีบ) is a bay in the east side of the Gulf of Siam or Gulf of Thailand.[1] It is in Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, Thailand.


Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse (1880 – 1923), son of King Chulalongkorn, inspected Sattahip Bay in 1922 and saw that it was an ideal place to establish a naval base. Subsequently, he offered royal land in Sattahip in order to build the present-day naval facilities.[2]

Sattahip Bay is the part of the Sattahip Naval Base area, the largest base of the Royal Thai Navy.

Occasionally Sattahip Bay is invaded by jellyfish.[3]


Sattahip Bay lies at the south end of Chonburi Province. It is open towards the southwest and is bound by limestone rock formations forming peninsulas to the west over Laem Chalak and to the southeast at Khao Chong Khaep.[4]


There are several islands in the bay area, the largest being Ko Tao Mo, towards the western end of the mouth of the bay. Smaller Ko I Lao is the island further off-shore.[5][4]

Name Thai Name Location Coordinates
Ko Tao Mo เกาะเตาหม้อ Sattahip Bay group 12°38′17″N 100°52′13″E / 12.63806°N 100.87028°E / 12.63806; 100.87028
Ko Phra เกาะพระ Sattahip Bay group 12°38′37″N 100°53′17″E / 12.64361°N 100.88806°E / 12.64361; 100.88806
Ko Phra Noi เกาะพระน้อย Sattahip Bay group 12°38′46″N 100°53′15″E / 12.64611°N 100.88750°E / 12.64611; 100.88750
Ko I Lao เกาะอีเลา Sattahip Bay group 12°36′42″N 100°52′32″E / 12.61167°N 100.87556°E / 12.61167; 100.87556
Ko Yo เกาะยอ Sattahip Bay group 12°36′59″N 100°52′52″E / 12.61639°N 100.88111°E / 12.61639; 100.88111
Ko Mu เกาะหมู Sattahip Bay group 12°37′26″N 100°54′3″E / 12.62389°N 100.90083°E / 12.62389; 100.90083
Ko Maeo เกาะแมว Sattahip Bay group 12°36′40″N 100°53′21″E / 12.61111°N 100.88917°E / 12.61111; 100.88917
Ko Nang Ram เกาะนางรำ Sattahip Bay group 12°36′59″N 100°56′3″E / 12.61639°N 100.93417°E / 12.61639; 100.93417
Ko Chorakhe เกาะจระเข้ Sattahip Bay group 12°36′12″N 100°55′0″E / 12.60333°N 100.91667°E / 12.60333; 100.91667

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