Saturday's Millions

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Saturday's Millions
Directed by Edward Sedgwick
Written by Dale Van Every
Starring Robert Young
Andy Devine
Leila Hyams
Johnny Mack Brown
Mary Carlisle
Grant Mitchell
William Kent
Release date
1 October 1933
Running time
75 mins
Country United States
Language English

Saturday's Millions is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Edward Sedgwick and starring Robert Young, Andy Devine, Leila Hyams and Johnny Mack Brown.


Jim Fowler is Western University's football hero and is constantly besieged by reporters. Jim's father Ezra comes to visit him and becomes reacquainted with an old Western football chum, Mr. Chandler, who happens to be the father of Jim's girlfriend Joan. Jim keeps his roommate, Andy, busy by sending him to collect money on their laundry concessions business, even though Andy is desperately trying to meet his girlfriend Thelma, who has just come for a visit. When the coach tells Chandler and Fowler that Jim is nervous and erratic, Chandler invites Jim to spend the night before the big game at his home.

After-dinner conversation reveals that Jim sees football as merely a business, and feels devalued by his popularity because he thinks people are only interested in him because of football, not for who he is. Joan is disillusioned that Jim treats football as a racket, and the fathers are disappointed because they sincerely love the game.


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