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Coordinates: 55°34′39.08″N 38°13′35.30″E / 55.5775222°N 38.2264722°E / 55.5775222; 38.2264722


Saturn Stadium is a football stadium in Ramenskoye, Russia. It was the home ground of FC Saturn Moscow Oblast, who folded in 2011. FC Saturn has been reestablished and will participate in professional competition in the 2014-15 season. The stadium holds 14,685 and was built in 1999. For the 2013-14 season FC Torpedo Moscow used the stadium despite it being almost 1 hour's drive away from their own stadium, Eduard Streltsov Stadium. Torpedo used the stadium as they couldn't afford the rent for the Eduard Streltsov stadium. Torpedo began their first (2014-15) season upon the return into the Russian Premier League at the Saturn Stadium as well. It's the first Russian Premier League stadium built after Soviet era in 20-year programme which will end in 2019 with opening of VTB Arena which would be last in long time as no huge stadium in the country planned from 2020.

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