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The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) is the national geologic survey of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

History and profile[edit]

The SGS was established as an independent entity attached to the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources following a council of ministers decision in 1999. It is built from other governmental agencies, including the former directorate general for mineral resources, the US Geological Survey mission (1963 - 1999) and the Bureau de Recherche et Geologique mission (1972-1999) that


The Saudi Geological Survey activities covers a broad range of strategic and applied earth science topics, with emphasis on understanding the geologic, economic, and engineering factors that affect sustainable management of mineral and groundwater resources, detection and mitigation of earthquakes and other geohazards, protection and management of the environment, and safe development of engineering and construction sites.

The bulk of the work involves:

  • Geological Mapping
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Mining Development
  • Environmental Geology
  • Environmental Geohazards
  • Hydrogeology

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