Sauli Vuoti

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Sauli Vuoti
Also known as Tweak
Born 1979 (age 37–38)
Oulu, Finland
Genres Pop, Rock
Occupation(s) Singer, guitarist
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 2000–present
Associated acts Auringon Lapset, Snakescale Triarchy

Sauli Vuoti (born 1979, in Oulu, Finland) is Finnish musician, chemist, and freelance writer. He is the vocalist and guitarist of the band Kinetik Control, founded in the beginning of the ongoing millennium[1] and also band called Auringon Lapset.[2] He has written most of the music and lyrics for Kinetik Control. His lyrics mostly deal with the superficiality and selfishness of modern-day humans and human relationships.[3][4] Prior to Kinetik Control he was more closely associated with extreme metal. He has also been the composer, lyricist, and guitarist in Snakescale Triarchy, which was active during the years 1998–2008. He was the vocalist of the band from its conception until the year 2004.[5]

In 1998 Vuoti enrolled to the University of Oulu, with chemistry as his main subject. He defended his Ph.D in physical organic chemistry successfully in 2007. His thesis is entitled “Syntheses and Catalytic Properties of Palladium (II) Complexes of Various New Aryl and Aryl Alkyl Phosphane ligands”.[6]

Vuoti founded the first Finnish metal magazine, Inferno-magazine in 2001 and acted as the editor-in-chief and publisher until the year 2005, when the ownership shifted to Rumbapress. Under Vuoti’s control, Inferno became the 2nd most popular music magazine in Finland.[7][8] Later on he has been an assistant in e.g. Soundi-magazine. He is also known for being a longtime practitioner of martial arts and a big friend of MMA.[9]