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Lao Royal Family
Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Laos

HRH Hereditary Prince Soulivong Savang
HRH Hereditary Princess Chansouk Soukthala

    • HRH Prince Thayavong Savang
      HH Princess Malika Khammao
    • HRH Prince Kiranvong Savang
    • HRH Prince Anouratha Varman Savang
    • HRH Princess Manisophana Savang
      HRH Prince Saya Khamphhan Panya
    • HRH Princess Sawee Nahlee Savang
      HRH Prince Santi Inthavong
    • HRH Princess Manilama Savang

  • HRH Prince Sisumang Manivong

  • HRH Princess Mekham Ratsami
    • HRH Prince Sayantha Sisavang
    • HRH Prince Bouneya Sisavang
    • HRH Prince Sathienna Sisavang
    • HRH Prince Sui Sisavang
    • HRH Princess Samiya Sisavang
    • HRH Princess Lolita Sisavang

  • HRH Prince Sisouphanouvong Sisaleumsak

  • HRH Prince Sauryavong Savang
    HRH Princess Dalavan
    • HRH Prince Southira Sauryavong Savang
    • HRH Prince Dayavant Sauryavong Savang
    • HRH Prince Balavant Sauryavong Savang
    • HRH Princess Krishnajina Sauryavong Savang

Prince Sauryavong Savang (born 22 January 1937) is the youngest son of King Savang Vatthana of Laos. In 1965, he married Princess Dalavan and they have four children, Sthira Sauryavong, Dayavant Sauryavong, Balavant Sauryavong, and Krishnajina Sauryavong.

Control of the Kingdom of Laos was seized by communist forces in August 1975. In November 1975, the Prince escaped from Laos by swimming across the Mekong river to Thailand. He is currently head of the Laotian royal family and acts as Regent to his nephew Crown Prince Soulivong Savang.

Prior to leaving Laos he headed the Office of Crown Properties. He currently lives in Paris, France, where he worked for Renault.

In September 1997, he and his nephews Crown Prince Soulivong Savang and Prince Thayavong Savang initiated a Royal Lao Conference in Seattle, United States, over three hundred Lao exiles and representatives of the Hmongs community.

A resolution was established at this historic meeting between the Lao and Hmongs leaders and the Royal Family and it held the common goal to change "the totalitarian regime to a genuine democratic system", and "the reunification of the Lao people".

In July 2000, he came under harsh criticism from some quarters after allegedly ordering the Vang Tao raid, he denied prior knowledge of the military attack against the Communist government of Laos.

He works along with other surviving members of the Laos Royal Family such as Prince Mangkra Souvannaphouma, Crown Prince Soulivong Savang and Prince Thayavong Savang to establish a Constitutional Monarchy in Laos.


  • "The fact that the anti-communist fighters called for the return of the Constitutional Monarchy makes an excellent path for the restoration of Liberty, Peace and Democracy in the country."
  • "Once a dialogue has been established, we can discuss how democracy and freedom should be restored in Laos"

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