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Sauveur Marcoux (May 2, 1893 – November 16, 1951) was a politician in Manitoba, Canada. He served in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as a Liberal-Progressive from 1936 until the time of his death, and was a cabinet minister in the governments of John Bracken, Stuart Garson and Douglas Campbell.[1]

The son of Leon Marcoux and Adeline Ferland, Marcoux was born in Lorette, Manitoba, was educated in Lorette and St. Boniface, and worked as a farmer. He served as reeve for the Rural Municipality of Taché and was an active member of l'Association des Canadiens-Français du Manitoba and in l'Association des Commissaires d'écoles Canadiens-Français du Manitoba. He was also a member of the Laurier Club and the Canadian Club. He was a Liberal by background, and became a member of the Liberal-Progressives following the merger of the two constituent parties. In 1920, Marcoux married Eloria Normandeau.[2]

He was first elected to the Manitoba legislature in the 1936 provincial election,[1] defeating Conservative candidate Joseph Hamelin by 830 votes in the La Verendrye constituency. He was appointed to Bracken's cabinet on September 27, 1936 as a minister without portfolio,[1] representing the interests of Manitoba's francophone community.

Marcoux was re-elected in the 1941 provincial election,[1] defeating a Social Credit candidate by 490 votes. He increased his majority in the 1945 election,[1] and defeated independent candidate E.J.R. Arpin by 373 votes in the 1949 campaign.

After serving as a minister without portfolio for over twelve years (perhaps a Canadian record), Marcoux was promoted to Municipal Commissioner by Premier Douglas Campbell on December 14, 1948. He served in this portfolio until his death,[1] in St. Boniface in November 1951.[2]


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