Savage Messiah (novel)

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Savage Messiah
Author Robert Newcomb
Country United States
Series The Destinies of Blood and Stone
Genre Novel
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date
ISBN 0-34-547707-3
OCLC 656139452
Preceded by The Scrolls of the Ancients
Followed by A March into Darkness

Savage Messiah is a novel written by American author Robert Newcomb and Canadian Finnish Paul Kaihla first published by Del Rey Books in 2005. It is the first book in The Destinies of Blood and Stone, a book series.


The story begins with the revelation that Wulfgar, half brother to both Tristan and Shailiha, lives but it horribly scarred. He returns to the Citadel, where his wife and unborn child await, and he can plan his revenge. Meanwhile, the Orb of the Vigors is damaged and is literally burning a path across Eutracia. Tristan and his Conclave set out to stop the Orb and Wulfgar.