Saxon V

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Saxon V
DRG Class 53.82
Quantity 173
Wheel arrangement 0-6-0T
Axle arrangement C n2
Service weight 36.3 t
Adhesive weight 36.3 t
Axle load 12.1 t
Top speed 45 km/h
Driving wheel diameter 1,370 mm
Cylinder bore 610 mm
Piston stroke 457 mm
Boiler Overpressure 7 bar
Grate area 1.4 m²
Evaporative heating area 110.6 m²

The Saxon Class Vs were German, six-coupled, goods train, tender locomotives operated by the Royal Saxon State Railways.

They were the predecessors of the Saxon Class V V. Between 1859 and 1887 they were delivered in three batches of 24, 31 and 118 engines. They had an overhanging outer firebox and a steam dome. They had different types of valve gear; Allan, Gooch and Stephenson valve gear all being used at different stages. The first batch had Dampfschlitten brakes, the second steam-operated brake blocks and the third had Westinghouse compressed-air brakes.

The Deutsche Reichsbahn took over 11 machines, which were given the numbers 53 8201 - 53 8211, and all were withdrawn from services by the late 1920s.


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