Sayonara (Orange Range song)

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Single by Orange Range
Released October 25, 2006
Format CD single
Genre Rock/J-pop
Label SMEJ
Orange Range singles chronology
"Un Rock Star"
"Ika Summer"

"Sayonara" is the 16th single from the Japanese band Orange Range. "Sayonara" was used as theme song for the TBD drama Teppan Shōjo Akane!!. The single also had two other songs used in various Japanese ads. People believe this single says farewell to the old band with Kazuhito "Katchan", and hello to the band's future. The video shows depressing scenes of a woman who lost someone dear, and how he watches over her, while at the end, is happy that she'll always love and never forget him and says "Sayonara" to her and vanishes. The man might have been her husband or boyfriend. He smiles at the end of the video when she is walking with a new husband or boyfriend, and continues to watch over her. Part of Kizuna is dedicated to Kat-chan.

Track list[edit]

  1. "Sayonara"
  2. "Yarisugi Manbō" (Yarisugi マンボウ)
  3. "Lonely Fighter" (ロンリーファイター)


Oricon chart (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total
October 25 2006 Oricon DailySingles Chart 3 94,923
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 3