Un Rock Star

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"Un Rock Star"
Or unrock.jpg
Single by Orange Range
Released 2006.08.30
Format CD single
Genre Rock/J-pop
Label SMEJ
Orange Range singles chronology
"Un Rock Star"

"Un Rock Star" is the 15th single from the Japanese band Orange Range. This single was used as the cover song for a string of Honda CRV commercials in Japan. It was also used as the theme to a Japanese sports show. This single first entered the Oricon charts at the number 3 spot, breaking the consecutive string of nine number 1 singles. It should also be noted that this single was a 100,000 limited-release item.

Track list[edit]

  • "Un Rock Star"
  • "Fūrinkazan" (風林火山; Sengoku-period Battle Flag)
  • "My Rifle feat. Petunia Rocks" (マイ・ライフル: feat.ペチュニアロックス)
  • "U topia: Live Tour 005 Natural"


Oricon chart (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total
22 June 2006 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 3 71,288