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Scale or scales may refer to:



  • Scale (map), the ratio of the distance on a map to the corresponding actual distance
  • Weighing scale, an instrument used to measure mass
  • Scale (ratio), the ratio of the linear dimension of the model to the same dimension of the original
  • Spatial scale, a classification of sizes
  • Scale ruler, a tool for measuring lengths and transferring measurements at a fixed ratio of length
  • Vernier scale, the scale on calipers




  • Scale (anatomy), a rigid plate which grows out of the skin of various animals
  • Scale (dermatology), a secondary skin lesion in humans that resembles animal scales
  • Scale (insect anatomy), a feature of the wings of moths and butterflies
  • Scale, a type of trichome, any flat epidermal outgrowth in botany
  • Bulb scale, the storage layers of a plant bulb
  • Scale insect, a waxy coated animal that resembles a fish scale

Chemistry and materials science[edit]

  • Fouling, sometimes called scale, a buildup of unwanted substances on a submerged surface
  • Limescale, a hard, chalky deposit that often builds up inside kettles, hot water boilers, and pipework
  • Mill scale, the flaky surface on hot rolled steel, consisting of iron oxides
  • Scale (chemistry), the range of mass or volume of a chemical reaction or process

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