Scarecrow Slayer

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Scarecrow Slayer
Scarecrow Slayer FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by David Michael Latt
Produced by Emmanuel Itier
Written by Bill Cunningham
Starring Tony Todd
Todd Rex
David Castro
Steven Schultz
Music by Vincent Golliaz
Release date
  • August 12, 2003 (2003-08-12)
Running time
86 minutes[citation needed] or 90 minutes[1]
Country United States
Language English

Scarecrow Slayer is a 2003 low-budget horror film produced by The Asylum. It is a sequel to the 2002 film Scarecrow. The film was a direct-to-video release, as well as its predecessor, and its 2004 sequel Scarecrow Gone Wild.

The film was directed by David Michael Latt. Latt also wrote the screenplay for the film. The film starred Tony Todd, Nicole Kingston, and David Castro.


Scarecrow Slayer was coupled with the first film as Scarecrow/Scarecrow Slayer on 28 December 2004.[2]


Caleb Kilgore (Tony Todd) is a farmer who has been obsessed with a scarecrow that killed his father years ago. Two friends looking to join a fraternity are given the initiation task of stealing the scarecrow from Caleb's field. After his father's murder, Caleb had caught the scarecrow and tied it down so that it could never escape.

When Caleb sees the friends, including a guy named Dave (Brett Erickson), moving the scarecrow, Caleb shoots the scarecrow, not knowing that Dave is beneath the scarecrow. Dave dies, and his soul is transferred into that of the scarecrow...and then the scarecrow kills Caleb.

Dave, in the form of the scarecrow, decides that he wants his old girlfriend Mary back. But Mary is dating a college student, so the scarecrow kills the student. Mary decides to get help from some friends who are in an ROTC unit in a military academy.

The ROTC guys have access to an arsenal of weapons, but that doesn't stop the scarecrow, and he kills them all. The scarecrow is willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of turning Mary into a scarecrow too so that they can be together forever.

Finally, a friend of Dave's from the academy named Karl (David Castro) inadvertently becomes a scarecrow, and fights the Dave scarecrow. The Dave scarecrow wins the fight, but then Mary blows him to pieces with a rocket-launcher and walks away smiling, relieved that the nightmare is finally over.


  • Australia – MA15+
  • UK – 18
  • Germany – 16


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