Scattered Order

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Scattered Order
Origin Sydney, Australia
Genres Post-punk
Years active 1979 – 2000, 2011 – present
Labels M Squared

Scattered Order was a post punk band based in Sydney, Australia.[1] They were formed in 1979, and initially comprised Mitch Jones (who remained the only original member in the band's many subsequent incarnations), Michael Tee, and Simon Vidale. The lineup would change often throughout the eighties and nineties. After an extended period of inactivity during the 2000s, Scattered Order have reformed to play a number of Australian shows since 2011.

Scattered Order have been associated and/or shared members with various other Australian punk and post punk bands, such as Severed Heads, X, Pel Mel, The Limp, Lime Spiders, Thought Criminals, The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, and Tactics.


(does not include compilation appearances)

Original Releases

  • Screaming Tree 7" M Squared M2008 May 1981
  • Prat Culture 12" M Squared M2020 Nov 1982
  • I Feel So Relaxed with You... 12" M Squared M2024 Oct 1983
  • A Dancing Foot and a Praying Knee Don't Belong on the Same Leg 12" Volition VOLT 1 May 1984
  • Career of the Silly Thing 12" Volition VOLT 2 Oct 1985
  • Escape Via Cessnock 7" Volition Volt 4 Oct 1985
  • Career of the Silly Thing 12" INK UK INK 17 1986
  • Escape Via Cessnock 12" INK UK INK 1217 1986
  • Selling the Axe to Buy the Wood 12" Volition VOLT 8 September 1987
  • King of Blip 7" Volition VOLT 12 April 1988
  • Comfort Double 12" Volition VOLT 14 May 1988
  • Professional Dead Ball CD Volition VOLT CD 41 Nov 1991
  • Sheer 12" Volition white label April 1992
  • Chicken Hilton CD Rather be Vinyl PTOOIE1cd April 1997
  • Asleep in the Knife Drawer CD Rather Be Vinyl through Sevcom PTOOIE2cd 1997
  • Free Sandy Nelson/Brother Number 1 Cassette single Rather Be Vinyl PTOOIE2cas March 1998

Numbered edition of 100. Released with matching tea towel.


  • Prat Culture + Screaming Tree CD reissue through Sevcom 1998
  • Career of the Silly Thing CD reissue through Sevcom 1998


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