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Schlumpf may refer to:

  • The German word for smurf. (See also the link to the Wiktionary entry and the German version of this page.)
  • Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (born 1956), Swiss lawyer, politician, and member of the Swiss Federal Council since 2008
  • Fritz Schlumpf (Italy, February, 1906; April 18, 1992), French Industrialist and collector of automobiles
  • Hans Schlumpf (born 1904; died 1989), industrialist and collector of automobiles
  • Martin Schlumpf (born 1947), Swiss musician
  • Leon Schlumpf (born 1925), Swiss politician and a former member of the Swiss Federal Council (1979–1987)
  • Schlumpf Drive, a two-speed planetary gear bicycle bottom bracket.