Schmuck (surname)

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Family name
Shop sign in Passau, Germany
Meaning Jewelry, neat
Region of origin Germany
Language(s) of origin German

Schmuck is a surname of German origin. As a noun, it means jewelry; as an adjective, it means neat in the sense of clean, tidy, or having a simple elegance. The name is commonly seen on signs and billboards in Germany and Austria related to the merchandising of precious jewelry. The Schmuck family name has been traced to the birth of Christian von Schmuck in 1370. In 1624, an Armorial Patent, or Coat of Arms, was granted at Rattenberg by Archduke Leopold V of Austria.

There are other associated surname variations throughout Central Europe, as Hungary and Romania, including spelling variations of Szmuk in these countries.

List of persons with the surname[edit]

  • Christina Schmuck (born 1944), West German Olympic luger
  • Donald Schmuck (1915–2004), U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General and recipient of the Navy Cross
  • Erzsébet Schmuck (born 1954), Hungarian environmentalist, economist, and politician
  • Marcus Schmuck (1925-2005), Austrian mountaineer who led the expedition to climb Karakoram in Pakistan
  • Michal Schmuck (1909-1980), Czechoslovak/Slovak water polo player who competed in the 1928 and 1936 Summer Olympics
  • Peter Schmuck, American sports columnist
  • Andor Schmuck, Hungarian politician

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