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School Education Department is a department of Government of Punjab, Pakistan. The functions of the department are to perform legislation, policy formulation and planning of primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary education and maintain standards of education in these fields.[1]

Attached Departments[edit]

Punjab Education Assessment System[edit]

Punjab Education Assessment System (PEAS) assess student's learning outcomes and produces evidence on the key factors that impact learning.[2]

Autonomous Bodies[edit]

Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board[edit]

Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board was established in 1962 as West Pakistan Textbook Board. [3]Its functions are curriculum development, implementation of educational policies of the Government, publication of textbooks and production of supplementary reading material relating to textbooks.[4]

Punjab Examination Commission[edit]

Punjab Examination Commission is an autonomous to assess and examine students’ learning achievements particularly of grade 5 and 8.[5]

Punjab Education Foundation[edit]

The Punjab Education Foundation was established in 1991 as an autonomous statutory body to encourage and promote education in the private sector operating on non-profit basis.[6]

The Punjab Daanish Schools and Centers of Excellence Authority[edit]

Management of Daanish Schools. [7]

Special Institutions[edit]

Sadiq Public School[edit]

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