Sanborn's squirrel

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Sanborn's Squirrel
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Sciuridae
Genus: Sciurus
S. sanborni
Binomial name
Sciurus sanborni
Osgood, 1944[2]

Sanborn's squirrel (Sciurus sanborni) was a little known tree squirrel described in 1944 from the skin and skeleton of a single female specimen collected in Peru in 1941.[1][3] Subsequently over the proceeding years only a handful of either specimens were collected, or observations were recorded, in the regions of Madre de Dios and northern Puno in Peru, and Pando department in Bolivia (single sighting, Conservation International, 1992).[4] Baillie writing in 1996 for the IUCN mistakenly claimed it was endemic to Peru.[5] In 2015 this taxon was synonymised with Notosciurus pucheranii ssp. boliviensis.[6] Its habitat was said to be tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests in the 2006 version of the IUCN red list in 1996 by Baillie,[5] but in the 2008 IUCN red list the habitat was said to be between 400-570m but otherwise unknown.[1]


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