Scott Hardy

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Scott Hardy
Background information
Also known as dj dxdt, scott.dxdt,[1][2] Brick Blaisdale,[3] DJ Shard
Genres Techno
Electronic music
Occupation(s) Electronic musician[3][4]
DJ,[5] Audio Engineer[6]
Years active 1998 - present
Labels Arktik RecordsARK 005
Associated acts Luke Slater

Scott Hardy is an underground Techno DJ[5] and musician[3][4] who has appeared in the UK[5][7] and Australia,[1] and on Second Life[8][9] since 2001 to present. As an Audio Engineer he was published in New Zealand.[6]


He was resident DJ and promoter for the techno night dxdt in London for several years, and ran a weekly internet radio show on Pulseradio alongside it.[10]

He is credited with the soundtrack music for the 2001 British film To A Future... With Love.[11] Scott released his first EP[12] on vinyl in 2001 in the Electronica / Hard House style. He released his first original album[8] online in 2006 in the genre Electronica / Minimalist / Techno.

The name dxdt was originally a collaborative name invented by Scott Hardy which included other artists although he now often refers to himself simply as dj dxdt.[3][4][10]

In 2013 Scott supported Luke Slater for part of his Australian tour.[1]

Published works[edit]

  • Hardy, Scott (co-authored with George Dodd)(6 No 2, 21-26, 1994). Performance Variation of Panel-type Absorbers with Positioning of Flow Resistance. New Zealand Acoustics.[6]


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