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The Scottish Pipe Band Association of South America (SPBASA), is the pipe band association currently comprising Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. It approved its first constitution on December 20, 2003 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and was officially inaugurated on April 17, 2004 at the First South American Pipe Band Gathering in Montevideo, Uruguay. Though it is as in line as possible with the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, the comparatively low number of pipe bands and the number of countries encompassed are the principal reasons behind this pipe band association being so unique.

Branches and Members[edit]


  • St. Andrew's Society of the River Plate Pipe Band
  • Highland Thistle Pipe Band
  • South American Piping Association Pipe Band
  • Mendoza Highlanders Pipe Band (Recently Formed)
  • Bariloche Highlanders Pipe Band (Recently Formed)


  • Brasil Caledonia Pipe Band
  • St. Andrew's Society of São Paulo Pipes and Drums
  • Wolney Highlanders


  • 11th Fire Company Pipe Band
  • Andes Highlanders Pipe Band
  • Santiago Metropolitan Pipe Band


  • City of Montevideo Pipe Band (Disgregated)
  • Riverside Pipe Band (Disgregated)

Pipe Band Gatherings[edit]

The South American Pipe Band Gatherings have been the Association's most notable outcome so far. These Gatherings, hosted by member pipe bands themselves on a rotational basis, occur approximately every 18 months. The first took place in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was hosted by Riverside Pipe Band.

Gatherings are typically opened by a Massed Bands Parade along a major city avenue, including all participating pipe bands and guests. Then, at the core event, each pipe band has a 30-minute presentation.

Piping, drumming and highland dancing celebrities have been invited to each Gathering to act as instructors, conducting workshops and clinics, and/or as competition adjudicators.

The updated schedule of past and future Gatherings is published on the SPBASA website.


SPBASA is run by an Executive Committee formed by representatives of each pipe band, and in some cases representatives of independent pipers and drummers of each country. So far only Argentina has a representative for the independent pipers and drummers.

Official translation of the Association's name[edit]

“Scottish Pipe Band Association of South America”, is officially translated into Spanish as “Asociación Sudamericana de Bandas Escocesas”, and into Portuguese as “Associação Sulamericana de Bandas Escocesas”.


Recently made G7 in Santiago of Chile city, Next Gathering in Bariloche city (Argentina) organized for Bariloche Highlanders Pipe Band.

G Date City Venue Host
G1 Apr. 17-18, 2004 Montevideo, Uruguay British Schools Montevideo Riverside Pipe Band
G2 Oct. 29-30, 2005 Buenos Aires, Argentina Northlands School St.Andrew's Socie. of the River Plate P.B.
G3 Apr. 27-29, 2007 Santiago de Chile, Chile Prince of Wales Country Club Andes Highlanders Pipe Band
G4 Nov. 05-07, 2010 Buenos Aires, Argentina Belgrano Athletic Club SAPA Pipe Band
G5 Sep. 13-15, 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina St. Andrew's Scots School/Punta Chica Highland Thistle Pipe Band
G6 Oct. 15-17, 2015 Sao Paulo, Brazil SESC Interlagos Brasil Caledonia Pipe Band
G7 Nov. 23-26, 2017 Santiago de Chile, Chile Prince of Wales Country Club Santiago Metropolitan Pipe Band
G8 To Confirm, 2019 Bariloche, Argentina To Confirm Bariloche Highlanders Pipe Band

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