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Scrapper is a 2011 American documentary feature film directed by Stephan Wassmann and co-directed by Olivier Hermitant. It documents the lives of persons who salvage scrap metal from a live-fire military testing range in Southern California.[1]

Scrapper won Best Documentary at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival[2] and the Spirit Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival[3] in June 2011. This feature documentary had its world premiere at the 2011 Slamdance Film Festival. It was also an official nominee at the Durango Film Festival and won a Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival[4] Scrapper is an official nominee at the 2011 San Francisco DocFest and the 25th Annual Leeds Film Festival (Nov. 2011) in the UK.


  • Director — Stephan Wassmann
  • Co-director — Olivier Hermitant
  • Producer — Stephan Wassmann
  • Co-producers — Olivier Hermitant and Michael DiGregorio
  • Writers — Stephan Wassmann and Michael DiGregorio
  • Editor - Stephan Wassmann
  • Cinematographer - Stephan Wassmann
  • Additional writing — Olivier Hermitant
  • Sound Mix - George Lockwood


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