Screaming Target

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Screaming Target
Big Youth - Screaming Target.jpg
Studio album by
ProducerAugustus "Gussie" Clarke
Big Youth chronology
Chi Chi Run
Screaming Target
Reggae Phenomenon
Professional ratings
Review scores
Okayplayer4.5/5 stars[1]
Allmusic5/5 stars[2]

Screaming Target is the debut album by Jamaican deejay Big Youth. It was recorded and originally released in 1972 on the Gussie and Jaguar labels in Jamaica.[3] It was issued in the United Kingdom in 1973 by Trojan Records.[3] The album was produced by Big Youth's childhood friend Augustus "Gussie" Clarke. Some of the tracks on the album had previously been hits as singles, including "Screaming Target", which used K.C. White's "No, No, No" rhythm, "Tippertone Rock" (though the single version was different), and "The Killer".[4] Several other tracks employed rhythms from Clarke's other productions, including Leroy Smart's "Pride & Ambition" (on "Pride & Joy Rock"), Lloyd Parks' "Slaving" ("Honesty"), Dennis Brown's "In Their Own Way" ("Be Careful"), and Gregory Isaacs' "One One Cocoa Fill Basket" (on "One of These Fine Days").[4]

Original Gussie release track listing[edit]

All tracks written, arranged, and produced by Gussie Clarke.

  1. "Screaming Target"
  2. "Pride and Joy Rock"
  3. "Be Careful"
  4. "Tippertone Rock"
  5. "One of These Fine Days"
  6. "Screaming Target (Version 2)"
  7. "The Killer"
  8. "Solomon a Gunday"
  9. "Honesty"
  10. "I am Alright"
  11. "Lee a Low"
  12. "Concrete Jungle"

The track "Tippertone Rock" is listed as "Tippertong Rock" on the cover of the 1973 Trojan Records release (TRLS 61-A), while it's listed as "Tippertone Rock" on the vinyl LP itself.

Subsequent vinyl releases omitted "Screaming Target (Version 2)" and "Concrete Jungle."

2006 CD release bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "KG's Halfway Tree" - Augustus Pablo & The Simplicity People
  2. "Origin Style" - Augustus Pablo
  3. "Screaming Target" [version 2]
  4. "Pride and Ambition" - Leroy Smart
  5. "In Their Own Way" - Dennis Brown
  6. "Try Me" - Roman Stewart
  7. "Tipper Tone Rocking" [version 2]
  8. "Rhythm Style"
  9. "One One Cocoa Full Basket" - Gregory Isaacs
  10. "Skylarking" [version] - The Society Squad
  11. "Anywhere But Nowhere" [version] - The Simplicity People
  12. "Slaving (Every Day)" - Lloyd Parks
  13. "No More Slavery" - Glen Brown
  14. "I Am Alright (aka Loving Pauper)" - Gregory Isaacs


Recording Information[edit]


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