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Screened Out: Gay Images in Film was a June 2007 film festival broadcast on Turner Classic Movies. The festival, based on the book Screened Out: Playing Gay in Hollywood by Richard Barrios, examined the history of homosexual images in American cinema. Screened Out's June schedule coincided with Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.[1]

The series focused not just on films in which homosexual themes or characters were obvious but on those which, because of the Motion Picture Production Code, were concealed or "coded". Screened Out sought out films that were rarely seen and not necessarily included in TCM's film library. The Library of Congress served as the source for one film, 1912's Algie the Miner.[2]


Each night of the festival spotlighted a different Hollywood era or theme.

The Early Years[edit]

Gays Before the Code[edit]

Men and Women Behind Bars[edit]

The Dark Side: Film Noir & Crime[edit]

Horror Films[edit]


Code Busters[edit]

Out and Open[edit]


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