Screwing You on the Beach at Night

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"Screwing You on the Beach at Night"
Single by Bloodhound Gang
Released September 9, 2007
Germany September 28, 2007
Format Digital download, CD single
Recorded 2007
Genre Dance-pop, synthpop
Length 3:42
Label Universal
Writer(s) Jimmy Pop
Producer(s) Jimmy Pop, Johnny Lee Michaels
Bloodhound Gang singles chronology
"No Hard Feelings"
"Screwing You on the Beach at Night"
"Altogether Ooky"

"Screwing You on the Beach at Night" is a 2007 single by the Bloodhound Gang. It was first released on iTunes on July 17, 2007, and later as a CD single. It was also released on Viva La Bands: Volume 2 on September 4, 2007.

Track list[edit]

  1. "Screwing You on the Beach at Night" – 3:40
  2. "Screwing You on the Beach at Night" (Cape May I Remix) – 4:12

Music video[edit]

The video is a parody of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game". It features Jimmy Pop carrying and holding a female around and on a beach. The female strips throughout the video. Towards the end, Pop begins to drool while the female takes off her bikini.

There is also an adult version of the video which was produced in 2007 and has been released in 2010. The former porn actors Till Kraemer and Leonie Saint had sex while the band played the song.[1]


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