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ScriptX is the name of two software products.

Kaleida Labs product[edit]

Kaleida Labs created a multimedia-oriented development environment in 1990 that it named ScriptX. Unlike packages such as Macromedia Director, ScriptX is not an authoring tool for creating multimedia titles, although it does come with a built-in authoring tool. Rather, it is a general-purpose, object-oriented, multiplatform development environment that includes a dynamic language and a class library. ScriptX is as applicable for implementing client–server applications as it is for authoring multimedia titles. ScriptX was designed from the ground up in an integrated fashion, making it smaller, more consistent, and easier to learn than equivalent traditional systems (say, a C++ environment and class library)[citation needed].

ScriptX is part of a complete platform for interactive multimedia. The platform has three major components: the Kaleida Media Player, the ScriptX Language Kit, and application development and authoring tools.

The Kaleida Media Player is the heart of the system. Developers can now create a single application for the Kaleida Media Player instead of targeting specific operating systems like the classic Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

ScriptX works across multiple hardware platforms and operating systems. Version 1.0 is available for Microsoft's Windows 3.1 and Apple's System 7.

The Kaleida Media Player is used to play back ScriptX titles. The appropriate KMP for Windows or System 7 must be installed on a user's computer to run a ScriptX title.

MeadCo product[edit]

MeadCo created an add-on for Internet Explorer in 1998 that it named ScriptX.[1] It is designed to permit the scripting of specific parameters of browser-based document printing so that output always conforms to the administrator's specifications;[2] parameters include but are not limited to the following: margins, header and footer strings, orientation, scale, paper size and source, and target printer.[3] It is supported in Internet Explorer versions 4.01 SP1 through 11.0 on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 10.[4]


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