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Origin Bellingham, Washington, United States
Genres Progressive death metal, avant-garde metal
Years active 1996–present
Labels The End Records
Associated acts Agalloch
Age of Silence
Website - Sculptured
Members Don Anderson
Thomas Walling
Jason William Walton
Dave Murray
Andy Winter
Past members Brian Yager
Burke Harris
Clint Idsinga
Chris Maycock
John Schlegel
John Haughm

Sculptured is an American experimental heavy metal band, mixing classic death and doom metal riffs and vocals to atonal segments and brass sections.


Sculptured's unusual style is particularly evident on the first track of Apollo Ends, "Washing My Hands of It." The band also introduces classical orchestrations in some of its pieces.

The history and fate of Sculptured is inherently related to Agalloch because of Don Anderson's significant involvement with both bands. Because of this, Sculptured left The End Records at the same time as Agalloch.


Full-length albums[edit]


  • Until the End of Time: An End Records Compilation (1998)
  • Maiden America: Iron Maiden Tribute (1998)
  • White: Nightmares in the End: An End Records Compilation (1999)
  • Phases: the Dark Side of Music: An End Records Compilation (2002)


Current members[edit]

Past members[edit]


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