Seatoun AFC

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Seatoun AFC
Full name Seatoun Association Football Club
Founded 1909
Ground Seatoun Park, Wellington
Coach Steve Dimakis
League Capital 1

Seatoun AFC is a football (soccer) club in New Zealand, based in the Wellington suburb of Seatoun. The club was founded in 1909 by Charlie Webb. One of the strongest clubs in the country during the 1950s, it won the national knockout Chatham Cup in 1957 and 1958. Their 1958 win, a 7-1 win over Christchurch City, remains the highest score by any team in a Chatham Cup final (equalled in 1989 by Christchurch United). 11 players (senior men) have represented NZ whilst playing for Seatoun - Grahame Bilby, Rex Boyes, Keith Gibson, Bert Hiddlestone, Mike Jones, Ron Kearns, Rodney Reid, Duncan Ritchie, Dave Strom, Phil Traynor, Ian Upchurch. Also a number of international players have played for Seatoun at some stage including Paul Rennell,Shane Rufer, Michael Utting, Jeff Strom, Rupert Ryan, Billy Harris, Paul Cameron, Garry Welch. In 2013 the Seatoun AFC First Team, coached by player/coach Steve Dimakis, beat Marist AFC 3-2 in a playoff for promotion to Capital Premier. This was the third consecutive promotion for the team, having risen from Capital 3 in 2010, mostly due to the great play of Hamdi Yusuf


Senior Men's[edit]

  • Seatoun AFC First Team (Capital Premier)
  • Fusion Interiors Ltd Seatoun (Capital 7)
  • Seatoun Gulls (Capital 8)
  • Seatoun AFC (Capital 14)


  • Seatoun Vorstermans 99's (Masters Division 1)
  • Seatoun PPL (Masters Division 3)
  • Seatoun Originals (Masters Division 5)
  • Seatoun Paradise Painting 99s (Masters Division 5)


  • Lotto Women's Central League
  • Women's Division 1

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