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The Second Hollway Ministry was the 56th ministry of the Government of Victoria. It was led by the Premier of Victoria, Thomas Hollway and Deputy Premier Alexander Dennett. Hollway and the rest of the ministry were not aligned to a political party at the time, although they would later form the Electoral Reform League to contest the December 1952 election, and had been recently expelled from the parliamentary Liberal and Country Party. With the help of two Hollway supporters in the Victorian Legislative Council, the Labor Party blocked supply to John McDonald's Country Party government, and indicated that they would support Hollway as Premier.[1]

The ministry was the shortest-lived ministry in Victoria's political history, lasting only seventy hours. The cabinet was sworn in at noon on 28 October 1952, but was ordered to resign on the morning of 31 October after Hollway's request to the Governor of Victoria for a dissolution of parliament was refused. John McDonald was asked to re-form a government, and an election was called for 6 December.[2]


Office[3] Minister


The Hon Thomas Hollway, MLA

Deputy Premier
Chief Secretary
Minister of Forests
Minister for Conservation
Minister-in-Charge of Immigration

The Hon Alexander Dennett, MLA

Commissioner of Public Works
Minister-in-Charge of Prices

The Hon Charles Gartside, MLC

Minister of Education
Minister-in-Charge of Electrical Undertakings

The Hon Raymond Tovell, MLA

Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey
President of the Board of Land and Works
Minister of Soldier Settlement
Minister of Water Supply

The Hon John Hipworth, MLA

Minister for Transport
Minister of Labor
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon John Don, MBE, MLA

Minister of Health
Minister-in-Charge of Housing
Minister-in-Charge of Materials
Minister of Mines

The Hon William Dawnay-Mould, MLA

Minister of Agriculture
Minister of State Development
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon Hugh MacLeod, MLC


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