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The Second McDonald Ministry was the 58th ministry of the Government of Victoria, which consisted of members of the Country Party. It was led by the Premier of Victoria, John McDonald, and Deputy Premier Keith Dodgshun.

The ministry was formed when the Governor of Victoria, Sir Dallas Brooks, asked McDonald to form an interim government after dismissing the ministry of Thomas Hollway's electoral reform group which had been in government for just seventy hours, and calling an election. McDonald's government was also short-lived, lasting 47 days (31 October to 17 December 1952) until it was defeated at the state election in December by the Labor Party under John Cain.


Office[1] Minister


The Hon John McDonald, MLA

Deputy Premier
Chief Secretary
Minister-in-Charge of Electrical Undertakings
Minister-in-Charge of Immigration

The Hon Keith Dodgshun, MLA

Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey
President of the Board of Land and Works
Minister of Soldier Settlement
Minister of Forests

The Hon Sir Albert Lind, MLA

Minister of Transport
Minister-in-Charge of Prices
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon Sir Herbert Hyland, MLA

Commissioner of Public Works
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon Percy Byrnes, MLC

Minister of Education

The Hon Percival Inchbold, MLC

Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Mines
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon George Moss, MLA

Minister of Water Supply
Minister of Conservation

The Hon Richard Brose, MLA

Minister of Health

The Hon Bill Fulton, MLA


The Hon Tom Mitchell, MLA

Minister-in-Charge of Housing
Minister-in-Charge of Materials

The Hon Ivan Swinburne, MLC

Minister of Labour

The Hon Trevor Harvey, MLC

Minister of State Development

The Hon Russell White, MLA


  1. ^ Victoria Government Gazette No. 854, Government of Victoria, 31 October 1952.
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Second McDonald Ministry
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