Second Solution / Prisoner of Society

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Second Solution / Prisoner of Society
EP by The Living End
Released September 8, 1997
Recorded 1997
Genre Punk rock
Length 16:29
Label Rapido
Producer Lindsay Gravina
The Living End chronology
It's for Your Own Good
Second Solution / Prisoner of Society
The Living End

"Second Solution" / "Prisoner of Society" is the third EP by Australian rock band The Living End. It was the best selling Australian single of the 1990s, and spent a record-breaking 69 weeks on the ARIA Top 100. It provided a breakthrough for the band, bringing them to the attention of the Australian Rock scene. Boosted by the success of this EP, they subsequently went into the studio to record their debut full-length album, The Living End on which they re-recorded both of the title songs.

Music videos[edit]

Prisoner of Society[edit]

The music clip for "Prisoner of Society" was released first and features the band simply playing the song in a schoolroom intercut with scenes of young people in the same classroom who are rebelliously presenting "essays" to the class (though the essays they're reading are the lyrics of the song).

Second Solution[edit]

Following the release of the video for "Prisoner of Society", the band filmed and released the followup with "Second Solution." This video uses live clips from old performances where they play the song and shows all three members play their respective instruments in tune to the song at the same time.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Chris Cheney unless otherwise noted.

  1. "Second Solution" - 3:09 [1]
  2. "Prisoner of Society" - 3:54 [1]
  3. "Prisoner on the Inside" - 2:28 (Cover of the theme song from Prisoner, originally by Lynne Hamilton)[1]
  4. "Misspent Youth" (Live) - 2:52 [2]
  5. "Strange" (Live) - 4:06 [2]



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