Secondary Music School in Tuzla

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Secondary Music School in Tuzla
Tuzla Canton
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Type Public, Co-educational
Founded 1957
Teaching staff 35
Number of students 100
Average class size 20
Language Bosnian

Secondary Music School in Tuzla (Bosnian: Srednja muzička škola Tuzla) is a Public Institution music school in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded on February 22, 1957.[1] The founders were PhD. prof. Čestmír Mirko Dušek and prof. Dubravko Jurić.[2]

About school[edit]

Secondary Music School in Tuzla now educates about 120 students in numerous departments. These are sections for piano, accordion, flute, violin, guitar, clarinet, and besides this in the schools operate mixed choir and accordion orchestra.[3]

Miscellaneous Department says enough about the versatility and diligence of its students and professors. Joint work and cooperation between employees of these institutions made great success in numerous national and international competitions.[4]

Also, they are very numerous concert activities in Tuzla, and beyond. Every school year students to represent the traditional and semi-annual concert, a number of internal moments, concerts povudu different holidays, and at numerous solo performances of students in various promotions and other cultural manfestacijama.[5]

Secondary Music School in Tuzla is a cultural institution that occupies an important place in the cultural activities of the city of Tuzla and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole. Many students of this school today continued his studies throughout the globe, the prestigious musical educational institutions. Today, as during his fifty-year history of this institution musically educated many generations and had numerous nurseries of talent that his confessions were later paid gratitude to the institution which they had his first musical knowledge and whose premises have produced their first notes.[6]

Today, the music school is facilities with advanced and applicable model years of special education students of the art profile. Her teachers are with hard work and an intense comradeship and mutual cooperation of each year resulting in a large number of prestigious awards, which represent exceptional motivation and posticaj for further work.[7]


  • Music theory Department / General Department
  • Instrumental Department for accordion
  • Instrumental Department for guitar
  • Instrumental Department for piano
  • Instrumental Department for violin
  • Instrumental Department for flute
  • Instrumental Department for clarinet

Degrees offered[edit]

  • Musician of general direction
  • Musician accordionist
  • Musician guitarist
  • Musician pianist
  • Musician violinist
  • Musician flutist
  • Musician clarinettist

Notable students[edit]


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