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Terms like secret dating, private dating or secret romance refer to the concept of dating or romance between people who keep it private from others they might normally inform.[1] It often overlaps with concepts like forbidden love (such as in affairs or disputes between families). It is presented in titles such as Secret Love.

Reasons for secret dating[edit]

Sexual orientation (LBGT)[edit]

Homosexual sex is a taboo is some regions of the world, including in most of Africa and Asia.[2] It is therefore, not difficult to see people involved in secret dating with same sex partners in those regions of the world. An historian, Daniel Rivers threw light on how gay parents were in constant fear in the early 70s and 80s for fear of losing their children, in his book, “Radical Relations: Lesbian Mothers, Gay Fathers, and Their Children in the United States since World War II. [3]. [4]

Older women looking for young men[edit]

One of the factors that make people resort to secret dating is their age. Some women prefer to date younger men in their twenties. Because this is not a norm in their society, they may experiment with distance relationships. [5]

Disadvantages of secret dating[edit]

A major disadvantage of secret dating is the risk of being scammed. Given that the relationship is private, the people involved will keep details of the relationship to themselves. If the other party is fraudulent, it may take some time detect. If it is open, women tend to share details of their relationship with others. Majority of private dating take place on the internet. [6]



Family disapproval[edit]


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