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Zoey 101
Genre Comedy
Teen drama
Created by Dan Schneider
Theme music composer Britney Spears
Christian Karlsson
Pontus Winnberg

Henrik Jonback
Opening theme "Follow Me" by Jamie Lynn Spears
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 61 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Dan Schneider
Bill O'Dowd (both; entire run)
Jan Korbelin (episodes 1-15)
Jörg Westerkamp
(episodes 15-65)
George Doty IV (season 4)
Producer(s) Joe Catania (entire run)
Bryan Spears
(co-producer, entire run)
Robin Weiner (supervising producer, seasons 1-3; consulting producer, season 4)
Tom Keniston (season 4)
Location(s) Pepperdine University[1]
Camera setup Film; Single-camera
Running time 23-25 minutes
Production company(s) Schneider's Bakery
Apollo ProMovie
Nickelodeon Productions
Dolphin Entertainment
Original channel Nickelodeon
Picture format 480i 16:9 (SDTV)
(broadcast in Letterbox format)
Original release January 9, 2005 (2005-01-09) – May 2, 2008 (2008-05-02)
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Zoey 101 is an American teen drama television series which originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 9, 2005 until May 2, 2008. It focuses on the lives of teenager Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her friends as they attend Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), a fictional boarding school in Southern California. The series was created by Dan Schneider. It was initially filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, then at stages in Valencia, California beginning in season 3. It was nominated for an "Outstanding Children's Program" Emmy in 2005.[2] Zoey 101 was the most expensive production ever for a Nickelodeon series, as it was shot completely on location in Malibu.[3]

The show went through many cast changes, with main supporting actresses Alexa Nikolas and Kristin Herrera being written out and replaced. Sean Flynn also left the series after season 3, but returned for the series finale.


In season one, Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her younger brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) arrive at Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), a school that enrolls girls for the first time, which recently went mixed after being a boys' school since its founding. When she first arrives, Zoey meets her first friend Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn), who, after meeting her, realizes that he has a crush on her. Chase shows Zoey around campus and eventually to her dorm, where she meets her roommates: boy-obsessed and girly-girl Nicole Bristow (Alexa Nikolas), who soon becomes her closest friend besides Chase, and fashionable, basketball-playing tomboy Dana Cruz (Kristin Herrera). Throughout the day, she also meets aspiring scientist/inventor Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders), who lives in her, Nicole, and Dana's dorm and is very quirky and does weird science experiments in her room, humorous comedian Michael Barret (Christopher Massey), who is one of Chase's roommates and best friend since the 6th grade, and rich, spoiled and obnoxious Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood), who is Chase's other roommate and hits on almost every girl he meets. Together throughout the season, the 8 characters get into wacky situations and adventures, including a boys vs. girls basketball challenge in the pilot, Logan using a teddy bear containing a webcam to spy on the girls in the lounge, Zoey, Chase, and Michael helping Dustin stand up to a bully, Zoey, Chase, Dana, Michael, Nicole, and Dustin taking care of a stray dog Michael and Chase found on the beach and hiding him from their dorm advisor Coco, the girls nearly getting expelled for retaliating to a PCA tradition called "Prank Week" in which the old students pull pranks on the new students, the class being assigned in groups to make a commercial for a new scooter called the "Jet-X" (the winning group's commercial will be shown on TV), Chase's play starring Zoey as the lead being performed in the auditorium and turned into a nightmare for him when Logan gets the part of Zoey's character's love interest, Zoey and Chase helping Quinn get a boyfriend named Mark (only to destroy his previous relationship by accident not knowing he already has a girlfriend), Zoey, Dana, and Nicole being paid by the dean's boss to wash his car so they can get the money to get Drake Bell to perform at the school's annual "Spring Fling", only to wreck the car by accident and use the money to get it fixed, Zoey becoming a victim of plagiarism when a mean girl named Stacy steals her backpack idea, the gang trying to start a disc golf team at school to get out of gym, only to run into trouble when they have to face a juvenile detention team in order to make it an official school team, the group being forced to take an online personality test to get partnered up for the school dance, causing the dance to be a disaster for them (Zoey gets paired up with two guys, Chase and a boy named Glen Davis, Michael getting paired with a male foreign exchange student named Olivery, Logan and Dana getting paired up together, and Nicole getting paired with a boy named Nicholas who is like a male version of her and ends up annoying her), and Quinn's new invention and Logan's wrong taxi directions the day of an end-of-year and exams beach party getting them stuck at a deserted beach two hours away from the party.

Season two follows Zoey's second year at PCA. Dana has been accepted by a European student exchange program and is now studying in Paris, much to Nicole's delight. Zoey and Nicole get a new roommate, aspiring actress Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice). At first, Lola tricks them into thinking she is a goth voodoo punk freak and they try to find a way for her to leave. However, they catch Lola talking on the phone to her friend telling her how well her little scheme has worked — she's been caught. Zoey and Nicole confront her and she admits to it and confesses that it was an acting exercise. Zoey and Nicole forgive her and they are henceforth best friends. Zoey, Dustin, Chase, Lola, Michael, Nicole, Quinn, and Logan then have more crazy adventures like their first year at PCA, which include a project where each of them has to put an item that represents them right now in a class time capsule, Nicole helping Quinn find a cure for her loud snoring, Zoey and Chase competing against each other in a class president election, Zoey, Chase, and Dustin getting revenge on Logan for scaring them on Halloween with his haunted house by making him think Dustin and his roommate Jack got lost in Logan's creation, Zoey and Chase trying to end Dustin's relationship with a bad girl named Trisha, Quinn testing her skunk-neutralizing spray (which cause clothes to vaporize into thin air) on Michael and Logan after they have been sprayed by a skunk, Zoey and Logan's new debate segment on Chase and Michael's web show getting it cancelled, Nicole enlisting the help of Quinn and Lola to cure her obsession with boys, Lola pretending to be a boy to prove to Chase and Logan that guys can be guys even with girls around, the gang building a robot to compete in a robot battle with a group of mean nerds, Lola having an affair with Chase, who still likes Zoey, Logan forcing Zoey, Nicole, and Lola to be his personal cheerleaders by bribing them with money to fix the PCA sushi bar that burned down because of an accident caused by Zoey and Chase, Zoey, Lola, and Nicole helping Quinn, who is depressed because she misses her pet alpaca Otis, by bringing Otis to PCA for a weekend, and the boys making an embarrassing bet if one of them says a word with the letter S in it. Near the end of the season, Logan takes the gang to his house in Santa Barbara for spring break to do the pilot for his dad's new reality show called "Gender Defenders", a game show where boys and girls do challenges against each other, and the team that wins the most challenges wins for the episode. Michael pressures Chase to tell Zoey he loves her because of the romantic setting, but sends Michael a text saying it would wreck their friendship. Chase later finds out that he sent the text to Zoey, and sneaks her TekMate away from her to delete the message before she reads it. However, this causes the girls to lose the first competition, and Zoey finds out Chase took her TekMate. Later, Chase explains he took it because he sent her a text he didn't want her to read by accident. He later gets the courage to text her "the message was "I LOVE YOU"", but she left her TekMate at the fountain. The vibration from the text causes Zoey's TekMate to fall in the fountain, preventing Zoey from finding out Chase's secret.

In season three, Zoey and the rest of the gang return to PCA. Nicole has left PCA because she was diagnosed with Obsessive Male Gender Disorder (OMGD), and is sent to an all-girls school. This causes Zoey and Lola, much to their dismay, to become roommates with Quinn, after she's accidentally assigned to a dorm that doesn't exist by Coco. The gang soon gets into new wacky adventures, including Chase getting a new nice-seeming new girlfriend with a jealous side for Zoey, the girls setting Coco up on a date with their temporary new dean to get her mind off her ex-boyfriend, Logan secretly tutoring Zoey in science and the others thinking they're dating, Lola and Quinn trying to catch Quinn's escaped pet rat, Chase catching a famous-on-campus football player named Vince cheating on a major test and being pressured whether to tell on him or not, the girls putting a new snack in the vending machines, unaware that they are dangerously addictive, the gang trying everything they can to get into a super-secret society at school, Zoey joining the all-boys wrestling team, Zoey attempting to set up a birthday surprise for Chase by having his grandmother come to PCA, only Chase's grandma to get sick and die before she can come out, Dustin getting his arm caught in a vending machine and Quinn and Lola trying to help get it out, the gang being quarantined in Zoey, Lola, and Quinn's room after Quinn unleashes a mutant germ she created into the air, Zoey and Chase arguing over who gets a valuable radio Chase's grandpa sent him and Chase sold to Zoey, unaware of the $10,000 price, Quinn trying to get Mark to kiss her after Lola teases her about never being kissed, Quinn fearing for her reputation after a science star who might be even better than her comes to PCA, Logan and Chase tricking Michael into thinking he's going insane for a class project, Michael and Logan teaching Chase to dance so he can compete with Zoey in a dance contest after her partner gets injured in a golf cart accident, Logan, Quinn, and Michael competing to be the PCA coffee carts's customer of the week so they can cut in line and get free coffee, Zoey getting caught in a favor chain to get a ride off-campus to visit her favorite author at a convention, the gang competing in a rib cook-off, Quinn using a new invention to replace Mark's eyebrows, which were blown off in her previous experiment, only for it to regenerate faster than it should, the gang being haunted by the ghost of a previous student after Logan disturbs his eternal resting place, Dustin getting scared to the point where he has to stay with Zoey after watching a scary movie with the guys, the fire alarm going off in Chase, Michael, and Logan's dorm every night for no reason, Michael trying to invent a new slang word called "Drippin'", only for it to be used and he doesn't get credit, Zoey helping Michael win a girl named Lisa's heart, Chase and Logan competing in a cart race, Zoey dating the dean's son, who rigs a major raffle so she will win, angering her when she finds out, Chase and Michael trying to avoid being sued by a popular sketch show for unknowingly using their idea in their webcast, the gang competing in a contest where they must keep their hand on a van sponsored by Blix (a popular drink at PCA) longer than anybody, Lola and Mark trying to help Quinn stop laughing, a side-effect caused by her newly invented breath spray, Zoey and Lola competing against each other in a beauty pageant sponsored by Logan, Michael going to great lengths trying to make Quinn laugh, Logan becoming poor after his father finds out he bought a car and cuts him off completely, and Mark and Quinn challenging Michael by tying him to a bench and seeing if he can escape. At the end of the season, in the "Goodbye, Zoey?" TV film, Zoey transfers to Covington (a new boarding school) in England after she tries to talk to Chase about it but he earlier heard about it and thought that she had already made up her mind on moving. This causes Chase to make friends with a gross girl named Gretchen who looks like Zoey. Near the end of the episode, Michael and Logan confront Chase about this, and Chase denies it. Logan then rips the head off a stuffed giraffe Zoey gave to him, causing Chase to push him against the computer and music table. In a cliffhanger ending, Zoey witnesses the whole thing due to a webcam malfunction, including Chase admitting his love for her.

In season four, the final season, Zoey returns to PCA, only to find that Chase transferred to Covington in England believing Zoey was still enrolled there. Zoey and Chase reveal their love for each other and want to be together, but Chase has to stay a full semester at Covington. When they finally have their first date over web chat, it doesn't go well, so they decide to put off their relationship until Chase's return. Meanwhile, until then, Logan and Michael get a new roommate named James Garrett (Austin Butler), who eventually becomes Zoey's boyfriend because someone starts a rumor that they are dating, but eventually end up liking each other. Quinn and Logan begin to date after Mark dumps her for another girl, but they hide their relationship from their friends because they are embarrassed that they are dating each other. Together, the gang has a final semester together filled with new crazy adventures, including the girls trying to get Coco her job back after Zoey accidentally gets her fired (during which they have a new dorm advisor named Mira, who turns out to be stealing the girls's belongings), Logan and Michael being framed for smashing Dean River's trophy while vacationing on-campus during spring break, Logan being put in anger management class after Zoey, Michael, and James upload an angry voicemail he sent to Dustin on the internet, Michael constantly being followed around campus by a horse, Zoey, Dustin, and Lola being forced by a walk-a-thon company to make $600 that Lola unknowingly pledged, Vince the bully returning to PCA and begins dating Lola while Michael and Logan seek revenge on him, the gang opening up two coffee shops in their dorms after coffee is banned on campus, and the girls trying to help Michael get over his fear of roller coasters. In the series's penultimate episode, entitled "Chasing Zoey", the kids get ready for prom. Zoey and James end their relationship, Logan and Quinn reveal their relationship to everybody at the prom, and Chase surprises Zoey once he returns to PCA. They finally have their long awaited first kiss and begin to date. The last episode and series finale, entitled "PCA Confidential", shows Zoey and Chase, who are about to graduate from PCA, answering questions for new students. Their answers include several flashbacks from previous episodes of all 4 seasons. The episode aired May 2, 2008.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

Actor Character Episodes Season
1 2 3 4
Jamie Lynn Spears
Zoey Brooks 61 Main
Paul Butcher
Dustin Brooks 32 Main
Sean Flynn
Chase Matthews 51 Main Guest
Christopher Massey
Michael Barret 60 Main
Erin Sanders
Quinn Pensky 58 Main
Matthew Underwood
Logan Reese 56 Main
Victoria Justice
Lola Martinez 47 Main
Alexa Nikolas
Nicole Bristow 25 Main Archive footage
Kristin Herrera
Dana Cruz 13 Main Archive footage
Austin Butler
James Garrett 9 Main

Recurring characters[edit]

Actor Character Episodes Season
1 2 3 4
Jack Salvatore, Jr.
Mark Del Figgalo 27 Recurring
Christopher Murray
Dean Rivers 20 Recurring
Jessica Chaffin
Coco Wexler 13 Recurring
Miki Ishikawa
Vicky 5 Recurring Archive footage
Michael Blieden
David H. Bender 6 Recurring
Brian Tee
Kazu 6 Guest Recurring
Creagen Dow
Jeremiah Trottman 12 Recurring
Allen Evangelista
Wayne Gilbert 12 Recurring
Abby Wilde
Stacey Dillsen 27 Recurring
Rex Lee
Maurice 4 Recurring
Daniella Monet
Rebecca Martin 3 Recurring Archive footage
Brando Eaton
Vince Blake 4 Guest Recurring

10th anniversary revival[edit]

On September 18, 2015, on the 10 year anniversary of the airing of the season 2 episode "Time Capsule", TeenNick aired a short clip featuring Chase and Michael.[4] In the clip, it has become apparent that Zoey and Chase have broken up and he is now seeing someone else. Just as Chase is proposing to his current girlfriend Alyssa (Jamie Snow), Michael storms in, and informs him of what Zoey said on her DVD from the episode "Time Capsule". The DVD reveals that Zoey suspected Chase's crush on her at the time, even before she went to England, and at some point even thought about getting together with him as she considered him her soulmate, but didn't act on it until after she went to England. This causes Chase, who is still in love with Zoey, to abandon his girlfriend to find Zoey, the clip ending on a cliffhanger.

DVD releases[edit]

Nickelodeon has released all 4 seasons on DVD in Region 1 (United States only). Seasons 2, 3 and 4 are manufacture-on-demand (MOD) releases and are available only through Amazon.com.

Alliance Home Entertainment has released the first three seasons on DVD in Canada only.[5][6] Season 3 was released on March 8, 2011.[7]

In Region 4, Madman Entertainment has released the first two seasons on DVD in Australia.[8][9]

DVD Name Ep # Release dates
Region 1 (U.S.) Region 1 (Canada) Region 4
The Complete 1st Season 13 February 13, 2007[10] November 23, 2010[11] July 25, 2006
The Complete 2nd Season 13 August 29, 2008[12] January 11, 2011[13] September 11, 2008
The Complete 3rd Season 26 July 1, 2008[14] March 8, 2011[15] N/A
The Complete 4th Season 13 November 11, 2008[16] TBA N/A


Zoey 101: Music Mix
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released March 7, 2006
Recorded 2004-06
Genre Pop rock
Label Nick and Columbia

Zoey 101: Music Mix is the soundtrack album for the series. It was released on March 7, 2006. The album features music of the pop and rock genres. The theme song by Jamie Lynn Spears, wasn't included in the final official soundtrack, only the instrumental version, composed by her sister & a 3-man production team.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Follow Me" (Instrumental Version)"   Britney Spears, Henrik Jonback, and Christian Karlsson & Pontus Winnberg 1:23
2. "Predictable"   Good Charlotte 3:10
3. "Louder"   The Piper Downs 3:58
4. "Calling All Angels"   Train 4:03
5. "Mandy"   Jonas Brothers 2:49
6. "Vacation"   The Go-Go's 3:00
7. "Permanent Midnite"   Saucy Monky 2:25
8. "Found Out About You"   Gin Blossoms 3:54
9. "Highway To Nowhere"   Drake Bell, Morton Shallman, Scott Bennett 4:03
10. "All I Want"   Toad The Wet Sprocket 3:17
11. "It's True"   Odds Against Tomorrow 2:26
12. "Okay"   Backhouse Mike 3:32
Total length:

Video games[edit]

A video game titled Zoey 101 was released in March 2007 for Game Boy Advance. Another game called Zoey 101: Field Trip Fiasco was released on September 11, 2007 for Nintendo DS. Both video games were published by THQ and developed by Barking Lizards and received poor reception and negative reviews from sites such as IGN and Common Sense Media.

Zoey 101 is a mini-game collection. Players must successfully complete each mini-game, then a dare, and then a final challenge. Dares and challenges are randomly chosen from three games in the level. Players can choose to play mini-games freely in the main menu. GameZone awarded the game 4 out of 10, stating that the game was either "boring, frustrating, just plain unfun, or some combination of all three."[17]

Field Trip Fiasco is about Zoey and her friends taking a field trip to a park. The player controls Zoey by using the D-pad or touch screen to walk or run. The player runs around Pacific Coast Academy completing fetch quests.[clarification needed] They involve delivering things to people or collecting objects scattered around the school before time runs out. After finishing a fetch quest, the player plays a mini-game involving hosing off cars or picking up Frisbees. Zoey researches around the national park, talks to the camping club about Native Americans, goes to the library to learn about the park and takes a quiz about a national park.

Jack DeVries of IGN gave the game a 3.5/10 and criticized the game's boring gameplay, bland music and sound, and awkward controls. jkdmedia reviewed the game for GameZone on October 8, 2007 and gave the game a 2.8. It was criticized for its graphics and controls.[18]


The series has mixed reviews. It scored high with younger audiences. It was also Nickelodeon's best performance for a series premiere (live action or animation) in almost eight years. The premiere of the episode Goodbye Zoey was the highest-rated live-action show ever on Nickelodeon, with over 7.3 million viewers. The series finale Chasing Zoey was the highest-rated show on all of television for all kid demos, including teens 12-17, beating out American Idol [3] The show has an 8.2/10 on TV.com, a 5.7/10 on imdb and a 3/5 on common sense media.[19] Positive reviews have called the show creative and the characters realistic, but negative reviews have criticized the characters, actors (especially Spears and Justice), and its unrealistic depiction of a boarding school.

Awards and honors[edit]

Awards and honors for Zoey 101
Year Award Category Recipient Result
2005 Teen Choice Awards Choice TV Breakout Show Zoey 101 Nominated[20]
Choice TV Breakout Performance — Female Jamie Lynn Spears Nominated[20]
Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Children's Program Zoey 101 Nominated[21]
Casting Society of America Best Casting — Children's Programming Sharon Chazin Lieblein Nominated[22]
2006 2006 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Actress Jamie Lynn Spears Won[23]
Young Artist Awards Best Young Ensemble Performance In A TV Series (Comedy or Drama) Sean Flynn
Paul Butcher
Kristin Herrera
Victoria Justice
Christopher Massey
Alexa Nikolas
Erin Sanders
Jamie Lynn Spears
Matthew Underwood
2007 2007 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Actress Jamie Lynn Spears Nominated[25][26]
Kids' Choice Awards Germany Favorite Actor/Actress Won[27]
2007 UK Kids' Choice Awards Best TV Actress Nominated[28]
2007 Australian Kids' Choice Awards Fave Nick Show Zoey 101 Nominated[29][30]
Young Artist Awards Best Performance In A TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actress Jamie Lynn Spears Nominated[31]
Best Performance In A TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Supporting Young Actor Paul Butcher Nominated[31]
Best Performance In A TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Supporting Young Actress Victoria Justice Nominated[31]
Best Family Television Series (Comedy) Zoey 101 Nominated[31]
Best Young Ensemble Performance In A TV Series (Comedy or Drama) Jamie Lynn Spears
Paul Butcher
Sean Flynn
Victoria Justice
Christopher Massey
Alexa Nikolas
Erin Sanders
Matthew Underwood
Casting Society of America Best Casting — Children's TV Programming Krisha Bullock Nominated[32]
2008 2008 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Actress Jamie Lynn Spears Nominated[33][34]
Young Artist Awards Best Performance In A TV Series — Leading Young Actress Jamie Lynn Spears Nominated[35]
Best Performance In A TV Series — Recurring Young Actress Erin Sanders Won[35]
Best Family Television Series Zoey 101 Nominated[35]
Best Young Ensemble Performance In A TV Series Jamie Lynn Spears
Paul Butcher
Sean Flynn
Victoria Justice
Christopher Massey
Erin Sanders
Matthew Underwood
Casting Society of America Outstanding Achievement in Casting — Children's Series Programming Krisha Bullock Nominated[36]
2009 2009 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Show Zoey 101 Nominated[37][38]
Young Artist Awards Best Performance In A TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Supporting Young Actress Erin Sanders Nominated[39]
2013 Neox Fan Awards Best Neox Kidz series Zoey 101 Won


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