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Seddon Pennine was a name given to several different single-deck bus chassis built by Seddon (later Seddon Atkinson):

  • Seddon Pennine 4 and 6 - front-engined chassis with Perkins engine
    • The Pennine 4-236, a small variant of the Pennine 4 also known as the Midi, was built for several operators, most notably SELNEC/Greater Manchester PTE, whose Midis included a battery-electric example.
  • Seddon Pennine 5 - rear-engined chassis with Perkins engine
  • Seddon Pennine RU - rear-engined chassis with Gardner engine (sometimes simply referred to as the Seddon RU)
    • Greater Manchester PTE also operated a battery-electric bus based on the RU chassis, no. EX61, with Chloride batteries
  • Seddon Pennine 7 - mid-engined chassis with Gardner engine

Pennine was also the name of the coachbuilding division of Seddon.