Sedgwick station (CTA)

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Sedgwick CTA 080101.jpg
Location 1536 North Sedgwick Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Coordinates 41°54′37″N 87°38′19″W / 41.910397°N 87.638631°W / 41.910397; -87.638631
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority
Platforms 2 side platforms (formerly 2 island platforms)
Tracks 2 (formerly 4)
Structure type Elevated
Bicycle facilities Yes
Disabled access Yes
Opened May 31, 1900
Rebuilt 2006–07
Passengers (2015) 1,151,664[1]Decrease 7.7%
Rank 64 out of 143[a]
Preceding station   Chicago "L"   Following station
North Side Main Line
toward Kimball
Brown Line
Brown Line
Rush period special
(6-7 a.m.)
One-way operation
One-way operation
Brown Line
Rush period special
(7-9 a.m.)
toward Midway Pictograms-nps-airport.svg
toward Linden
Purple Line
Route map
Brown Line and Purple Line Exp.
west to Kimball and Linden
Hudson Ave.
Sedgwick St.
Brown Line and Purple Line Exp.
east to Loop
Sedgwick station (CTA) is located in Near North Side, Chicago
Sedgwick station (CTA)

Sedgwick is an 'L' station on the CTA's Brown Line, Purple Line Express trains also stop at the station during weekday rush hours. It is an elevated station with two side platforms, located in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood of the Near North Side community area. The adjacent stations are Armitage, which is located about one mile (1.6 km) to the northwest, and Chicago, located about one mile (1.6 km) to the south.


The station was put into service in 1900 as part of Northwestern Elevated Railroad's initial route,[2] and it is one of the oldest standing stations on the 'L'.

The station circa 1965
El train by the station in 1987

In 1979, a portion of The Hunter starring Steve McQueen was shot at Sedgwick.[3]

The station under construction in 2007

During 2007, the main station entrance was closed for extensive renovation and rebuilding as part of the CTA's Brown Line capacity expansion project. Throughout the renovation period, the station remained open on weekdays but experienced several weekend closures, with entrance to the station through a temporary entrance (which was later converted to an emergency exit) located one block west of the original entrance at Hudson Avenue. As the outside express tracks had not been in service since 1963[4] they were removed and island platforms widened, converting them to side platforms. The platforms were also extended to allow eight-car trains to berth, and elevators were added along with other upgrades to meet ADA requirements.[5] The historical station house was restored, and an extension was added behind it.[2]

Bus connections[edit]


  • N9 Ashland (Owl Service)
  • 37 Sedgwick
  • 72 North

Notes and references[edit]


  1. ^ Due to possible double-counting of physically-connected stations, the CTA's official 2015 tally of stations was 146, but for ridership purposes reported having only 143 stations.


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