Seelow Heights

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A DDR stamp showing the Soviet memorial statue at the Seelow Heights.

The Seelow Heights are situated around the town of Seelow, about 90 kilometres (56 miles) east of Berlin, and overlook the Oderbruch, the western flood plain of the River Oder, which is a further 20 kilometres (12½ miles) to the east.

They are sometimes known as the "Gates to Berlin," because the main eastern route out of Berlin runs through them.

Second World War[edit]

During April 1945, the Battle of the Seelow Heights saw some of the heaviest fighting of the Second World War between the German defenders and the Soviet attackers. Many localised Soviet attacks were held back by remnants of the Wehrmacht. The Soviet advances could not be held off for long. After several days of intense fighting, the Soviets managed to break through the defences and fight their way into the German capital in the Battle of Berlin.


Coordinates: 52°32′5″N 14°23′45″E / 52.53472°N 14.39583°E / 52.53472; 14.39583