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The Sejm of the Republic of Poland (Polish pronunciation: [ˈsɛjm] (About this sound listen); Polish: Sejm Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) is the lower house of the Polish parliament. Its name comes from what was once a generic Polish word for a political gathering. It is also used to refer to historical diets or assemblies.

Pre-partition sejms[edit]

Types of sessions[edit]

  • Confederated sejm (sejm skonfederowany), a form of sejm where decisions were made by the majority of deputy votes cast
  • Convocation sejm (sejm konwokacyjny), part of the process of royal elections in which candidates were put forward and rules of election established
  • Coronation sejm (sejm koronacyjny), the first sejm convened by a newly crowned king
  • Election sejm (sejm elekcyjny), the election of the king by the nobility
  • Pacification sejm (Sejm pacyfikacyjny), held after a period of conflict, usually a disputed royal election, to bring peace and unity to the country

Specific sessions[edit]

In chronological order:

Post-partition sejms[edit]

In chronological order:

See also[edit]

  • Saeima, the parliament of Latvia
  • Seimas, the parliament of Lithuania
  • Seym River, a river in Russia and Ukraine spelled "Sejm" in Polish