Sena (record company)

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Parent company 365 (365 ljósvakamiðlar)
Genre Various
Country of origin Iceland
Official website

Sena is an Icelandic company that is owned by 365 (365 ljósvakamiðlar), an Icelandic mass media company, which produces eight TV stations, five radio stations, one newspaper and a website. Sena specializes in the distribution of music, films and videos.

Sena also runs the Smárabíó, Regnboginn and Borgarbíó Akureyri movie theaters.

Sena took over two important record labels:

  • Skífan record label founded by Jón Ólafsson in the mid 1970s in Iceland.[1] It had close co-operation with Swedish label Polar and RCA Scandinavia. It was taken over by Sena in the latter half of the 2000s.
  • Steinar record label (founded in Reykjavík in 1975 by Berg Ísleifsson) and its catalog owned by Skífan from its earlier acquisition.[2] Steinar also ran a sub-label based in UK called Steinar Records UK Ltd. It was very active in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. But label was sold to Skífan in the 1990s.


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