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LocationKópavogur, Iceland
Coordinates64°06′04″N 21°53′03″W / 64.10111°N 21.88417°W / 64.10111; -21.88417Coordinates: 64°06′04″N 21°53′03″W / 64.10111°N 21.88417°W / 64.10111; -21.88417
Opening date10 October 2001
ArchitectBuilding Design Partnership
No. of stores and services92
Total retail floor area65,200 square metres (702,000 sq ft)
No. of floors3

Smáralind (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈsmaːuralɪnt]) is a shopping mall located in the Capital Region of Iceland. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Iceland, with over ninety shops, restaurants and services. Designed by BDP and built by ÍSTAK, it was opened on 10 October 2001 at 10:10 GMT.[1] Smáralind competes with other shopping centers of the Capital Region: Kringlan mall and Reykjavík's old city centre.


The mall's anchor tenants is Hagkaup and H&M (where formerly Debenhams resided). Other major tenants are Zara and SmáraTívolí, a children's entertainment centre.[2] The mall also houses a cinema. There are a number of well-known restaurants and cafés, including Subway, Pizza Hut, Sbarro, O'Learys, and T.G.I. Friday's among others.[3]


Immediately after opening its resemblance to a giant phallus when viewed from the air created some notoriety.[4]

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