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Send My Bag
Industry Courier
Founder Adam Ewart
Headquarters Bangor, Northern Ireland
Area served
Services Shipping & Luggage Delivery Service

Send My Bag is a luggage shipping company for students, business professionals, travelers, sports enthusiasts and holiday makers. Their low cost worldwide door to door delivery of belongings allows travelers to travel light and save money when compared to growing airline fees. [1]

Send My Bag was formed after founder, Adam Ewart was charged excess baggage fees when helping his girlfriend travel home from university.[2] After paying the fee Adam returned home and searched the web for a service which offered to deliver luggage at a lower cost. With nothing found, Ewart decided to start Send My Bag. Setting up just one page for under £100, he was able to create a simple booking system that made the business venture possible.

Prior to 2011 Send My Bag primarily existed as a niche luggage shipper for students. From 2011 onwards, their focus broadened as airlines such as Ryanair took additional steps to dissuade passengers from checking bags, and as airline revenue from baggage fees worldwide dramatically increased.[3]


On 9 September 2012, Send My Bag founder Adam Ewart made an appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den in search of an investment for his door to door baggage service. [4]

Following the unsuccessful appearance on Dragons’ Den, Send My Bag announced a £100k funding from investors, Lough Shore Investments.[5][6]

International Expansion[edit]

On 24 November 2014 on CNBC news Ewart announced the launch of US worldwide services. In 2015 Send My Bag further expanded launching a US domestic service and worldwide services from Australia.[7][8]

Send My Bag provides 24hr worldwide support from offices in Bangor, Northern Ireland and New York City. At the time of launching US services in 2014 Send My Bag had shipped 100,000 pieces of luggage.[9][10]


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