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Sergio Chejfec is an Argentine Jewish writer. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1956. From 1990 to 2005 he lived in Venezuela, where he published Nueva sociedad, a journal of politics, culture and the social sciences. He currently lives in New York City and teaches in the Creative Writing program in Spanish at New York University.

Chejfec has written novels, essays and a poetry collection. His works include Lenta biografía (1990), Los planetas (1999), Boca de lobo (2000), Los incompletos (2004), Baroni: un viaje (2007), Mis dos mundos (2008), and La experiencia dramática (2012). He has been compared to Juan José Saer, which he finds flattering but not accurate. His novels usually feature a slow-paced narration that interweaves a minimal plot with reflection. Memory, political violence, and Jewish-Argentine culture and history are some of the recurring themes in his work.

Awards and honors[edit]


  • Lenta biografía. Buenos Aires: Puntosur, 1990.
  • Moral. Buenos Aires: Puntosur, 1990.
  • El aire. Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 1992.
  • Cinco. Saint-Nazaire (France): M.E.E.T., 1996.
  • El llamado de la especie. Rosario (Argentina): Beatriz Viterbo, 1997.
  • Los planetas. Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 1999.
  • Boca de lobo. Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 2000.
  • Tres poemas y una merced, in Diario de Poesía 62 (2002), Buenos Aires.
  • Gallos y huesos. Buenos Aires: Santiago Arcos, 2003.
  • Los incompletos. Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 2004.
  • El punto vacilante. Buenos Aires: Norma, 2005.
  • Baroni: un viaje. Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 2007.
  • Mis dos mundos. Barcelona: Candaya, 2008.
  • Sobre Giannuzzi. Buenos Aires: bajo la luna, 2010.
  • La experiencia dramática. Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 2012.
  • Hacia la ciudad eléctrica. La Plata, Argentina: El Broche, 2012.
  • Modo linterna. Buenos Aires: Editorial Entropía, 2013.
  • Últimas noticias de la escritura. Buenos Aires: Editorial Entropía, 2015.

English translations[edit]

  • My Two Worlds (Open Letter, 2011), translated by Margaret B. Carson.
  • The Planets (Open Letter, 2012), translated by Heather Cleary.
  • The Dark (Open Letter, 2013), translated by Heather Cleary.


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