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Serekunda is located in The Gambia
Location in the Gambia
Coordinates: 13°26′N 16°40′W / 13.433°N 16.667°W / 13.433; -16.667
CountryThe Gambia
Founded bySayerr Jobe
Named forFounder
 • Total~ 337,000
Time zone0 GMT

Serekunda (Arabic: سيريكوندا‎, sometimes spelled Serrekunda) is the largest urban centre in The Gambia.[2]

It is situated close to the Atlantic coast, 13 km (8 mi) south-west of the capital, Banjul,[3] and is formed of nine villages which have grown together into a larger urban area.

Serekunda means "home of the Sayer [or Sayerr] family" and is named after its founder, Sayerr Jobe.[3]


Sayerr Jobe, the founder of Serekunda was originally from the Sine-Saloum region of Senegal. He migrated to the Gambia in the mid 19th Century and is believed to have initially settled around Jinack Island in Banjul, before relocating to the southern bank of the country (near Sukuta) where he established Serrekunda[4].

Population history[edit]

1973 1983 1993 2007
25 505 70 435 194 987 348 118 [1]


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Coordinates: 13°26′N 16°40′W / 13.433°N 16.667°W / 13.433; -16.667