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Service France Domaine is a French government agency,[1] which plays a central role in the property management of state-owned real estate in France.[2][3] France Domaine acts as the owner of the state real estate, and advises various public administrations in activities related to real estate,[4] for instance by coordinating the real estate strategy for different ministries.[5] France Domaine functions under the ministry for budget and state reform[6] (Ministère du Budget, des comptes publics, de la fonction publique et de la réforme de l'État).[7]

Since 2007, all ministries in the central administration pay internal rent to France Domaine for their use of state-owned real estate.[4][8] France Domaine is tasked with disposing property that is no longer used by the government, and which has become too costly or outdated to maintain.[1] All in all, its real estate operations include buying, selling, renting, and development.[2] Together with approximately 150 regional and local treasury offices under the Public Treasury (Trésor public), France Domaine performs all activities relating to the management of government property assets.[2][9] The aims for France Domaine include to ensure that state property is efficiently managed,[5] increasing the quality of public services, while at the same time reducing costs; and also improving the working environment for government employees.[2]

State real estate stock[edit]

The state is the largest owner of real property in France.[10] In 2008, the French government property assets were valued at approximately 45 billion EUR.[11] A study done circa 2003 concluded that the government real estate stock comprised 120 to 150 million square meters of floor space, half of which was offices; the remainder consisting of warehouses, archival buildings, and some 300 000 residential buildings.[10] Approximately 80% of this real estate is occupied by government ministries and public administrative organizations.[10]

Sale of state-owned real estate[edit]

In 2005, the French government formed a strategy for state-owned real estate.[4] One of the goals was to reduce government debt by selling state-owned real estate on the market.[4] In 2005 the sales yielded 635 million EUR, and 798 million EUR in 2006.[3] However, only 15% of the returns would be used to reduce public debt.[3] The larger part would be used as an economic incentive to economise on real estate holdings, by being returned to the ministries that previously occupied the property.[3]

Examples of such sales include:



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